The table below are flies from and used on the rivers Dee, Don & Deveron (Ythan as well) where I have managed to find the pattern for, click the name (if underlined) to see the fly and further information. There have been some questions about my methodology for choosing the flies that appear on this list, see below the table for a bit more detail - including William Browns lists of flies. I will update this list when possible eg with the Saturday, Lady of the Lake etc.

There are some flies I have identified as Dee but have not yet managed to find the pattern for, please let me know if you have them, I suspect they may be lost in the mists of time, some of them are Monaltrie Owl, Craigendarroch Butterfly (both invented by James Harper Snr) and Benkle. (update Benkle is the correct pronunciation of Benchill so one less to find!)

 Aboyne Peacock  Akroyd  Badger
 Ballater  Balmoral  Beaconsfield
 Bell Irving  Benchill  Black Doctor
 Black Dose  Black Heron  Black Tom
 Blue Charm  Blue Palmer  Brora
 Bruce or Mrs. Hogg  Bumbee  Butcher
 Cabbage  Captain Walton  Catcher
 Childers  Claret Jock  Clark


 Colonel Keane
 Corniehaugh  Dark Bumble  Davie Caird
 Dee Snow Fly  Dee Sun Fly  Deavan
 Dodger  Dr. Corbet or Minister of Drumoak  Dr. Forbes
 Druggist  Drum Charm  Drum Eagle
 Drum Grouse  Drum Heron  Drum Jay
 Drum Lightning  Drum Mist  Drum Moonshine
 Drum Pheasant  Drum Ranger  Drum Silver Blue
 Drum Sunset  Drum Toucan  Dunt
 Durham Ranger  Dusty Miller  Eagle, Brown
 Eagle, Fancy Yellow  Eagle, Grey  Eagle, Red
 Eagle, White  Eagle, Yellow  Eagle, Yellow - Halladale Pattern
 Empress  Enys  Fail-Me-Never
 Gardener  General Dee Fly  Gled Wing
 Glentanar  Golden Blue  Golden Wasp
 Gordon  Gordon Ranger  Green Parrot
 Green Peacock  Grey Heron  Inchgarth
 Irvine  Jeannie  Jock o' Dee
 Jock Scott  Jockie  John Cambell


 Killer  Killer, Brown Winged
 Killer Ythan  Lady Grace  Lady Mary
 Lizzie  Logie  MacIntyre
 Magic  Mar Lodge  March Brown
 Marlie  Michie, John flies  Minister of Drumoak
 Monaltrie  Moonlight  Moonshine
 Moray Doone  Musker's Fancy  Mrs Hogg
 Olga  Oliver  Peacock
 Pitfour  Playfair's Favourite  Popham
 Red Doctor  Red Drake  Red Wing (Heron)
 Rintoul  Robbie  Sailor
 Sherbrook  Silver Blue  Silver Doctor
 Silver Grey  Silver Scott  Sir Charles
 Sir George Abercrombie  Sir Percy  Sir Peter
 Skier  Skirmisher  Skirrows Fancy
 Stevenson  Tartan  Thunderer
 Tilbouries  Tricolour  Vero
 Wasp  Wattie Plants  Winnie
 WM Don Flies  William Brown's Don Flies  Yellow Parson

OK, so how did I come up with the list of Dee, Don & Deveron flies, well I started with the following list from the 1897 William Brown catalogue:

ôSpecial List of Salmon Flies for Aberdeenshire Dee


Akroyd                                     Eagle, Yellow                           Lizzie

Aboyne Peacock                      Eagle, Grey                               Mar Lodge

Badger                                      Fail-Me-Never                          Minister of Drumoak

Balmoral                                   Gledwing                                  March Brown

Beaconsfield                             Gordon                                     Nicol

Blue Charm                              Gardener                                   Rintoul

Bumbee                                    Glentanar                                  Sailor

Ballater Fly                              Jeannie                                      Skier

Cabbage                                   Jockie                                        Silver Blue

Clunie                                       Jonah                                        Saturday

Colonel Keane                         Killer                                         Sherbrooke

Davie Caird                              Kelly                                         Tilbouries

Druggist                                    Logie                                        Tricolour

Dunt                                         Lady Grace"


So you can see that I missed the Saturday from that! One way or another I have sourced patterns for all these flies, most I have listed on the site, some such as Tilbouries I have, but the source has asked me not to publish until my book is published, same goes for the full listing of the John Michie flies.


I then added to this the flies from the Fishing Gazette, that were listed as good flies for the Dee, Deveron, Don or Ythan, this included the William Murdoch articles about fly patterns and just general fishing articles. Then I trawled though all the standard Salmon Fly books noting flies that were recommended for these rivers, from Kelson to Hills and a few in between. Since this list was produced, other flies have been identified from various sources and I will update the list as and when I get the time.





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